Take the Right Step: Let’s Make Step Therapy Better for All Virginians.

Step therapy – the process that occurs when a doctor prescribes a treatment, but the insurance company requires the patient to try one or several other drugs first, with no medical justification – happens a lot. But far too often, step therapy keeps Virginians living with dangerous and even life-threatening conditions from the therapies they urgently need, causing adverse reactions and allowing their health to deteriorate.

That is why we are asking Virginia legislators to enact House Bill 1755 / Senate Bill 1408, which would make step therapy better and safer for Virginians, without inhibiting insurers’ ability to safely use step therapy to save money. The bill puts a transparent process in place for physicians to work with insurance companies to override step therapy protocols when they threaten a patient’s health.


Stand with Take the Right Step VA and patients across Virginia - contact your legislator today and urge them to support House Bill 1755/Senate Bill 1408.


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